Upcoming new event – “Seeds of Hope – 2014”

Date:   April 05, 2014, Chicago

The MKCA, USA with much delight introduces to you the Congregation of the Franciscan Sisters of Our Lady Graces, an indigenous congregation, canonically erected on 25 June 1965 in Meerut-India. There are about 300 Sisters working in different fields of apostolate. There are 41 communities of sisters (houses) in India and abroad, involved in every type of educational, medical and socio-pastoral apostolate.

In 2009 the Sisters were invited by Rt. Rev. Lukas Kerketta, SVD the Bishop of the diocese of Sambalpur to serve the leprosy patients in Talchar in the state of Odisha. Since then they are actively involved in rendering medical service to the leprosy patients, providing education to their children and take up rehabilitation work for their economic development. The leprosy patients live in very poor housing condition, lack of safe drinking water, sanitation, poor personal hygiene and living with many communicable diseases. Many of them suffer from physical and psychological disabilities/illnesses.

These Sisters have taken up the task of serving the leprosy patients living in three colonies, with 115 families. They are all located within the vicinity of 6 miles to 22 miles from their Convent/Center-Kripasadan. They have been able to render the service with the support and help they get from individual donors and at times by the Bishop but they do not have a sustainable source to implement various supportive and developmental programs for the patients.

Your financial help will strengthen and support the sisters to offer t better facilities to the leprosy patients and their children.  It will facilitate them to live a dignified life.  Any help and support in kind and/or in cash is very much appreciated.

 Fundraiser Organizing Committee


seeds of hope