MKCA Annual Family Picnic 2013

Report by: Stany D’Souza         Pics: Austin D’Souza, Lawrence Mascarenhas  and Anita D’Souza

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Chicago, July 27:  In the heat of the summer, the Chicagoland area was surrounded by cold, windy and muggy weather.  Today’s changing weather pattern was completely taken by surprise to Weathermen.  The Mangalorean Konkan Christians Association members and guests ventured to come out to the picnic spot and enjoyed variety of activities arranged by the Annual Picnic Committee. 

The activities of the day began with the favorite pastime of Indian sports world by the youth present enjoying the cricket at the lush green lawn of the park.  Others took part in playing volleyball and throw-ball, which attracted mostly youth to the court.  Young and old enjoyed to watch the acrobatic moves of the players in the court.  Some of the participants raced against the wind in playing shuttle badminton. 

There was plenty of food prepared by the committee members, members and guests.  There were variety of Indian dishes, Variety of sandwiches and other items, which the participants enjoyed to rejuvenate their strengths to the forthcoming games and sports in the afternoon.  The organizing committee provided variety of soft drinks and desserts like Sheera and Blueberry Pie. 

There were variety of competitions organized by Rose Mascarenhas and winners are as follows:

5 years and under:  Passing the Ball – Winner:  Kaelyn Martis; Runner-up – Solen D’Souza. 

6 – 12 years:  Lemon and Spoon Race:  Winner – Giselle D’Souza, Runner-up –  Sarah Mathias.

13 – 20 years:  Sack Race – Winner:  Jason Mendonca; Runner-up – Shannon D’Souza.

Adults:  Women – Sack Race – Winner: Cynthia Rodrigues; Runner-up – Queenie Mendonca. 

Men – Sack Race – Winner: Ravi Singh; Runner-up: Jossie Mendonca.

The Association President Godwin Rego distributed prizes to the winners and thanked everyone present for their participation.

In addition to these competitions organizers had arranged several games but due to cold breezy weather organizers did not conduct any formal games except dog-n-bone game.  Although water balloon game was not conducted the youth present never missed the opportunity in poking fun by bursting those balloons on each other.

All the participants enjoyed the refreshing tea, coffee, buns, sheera, watermelon and other soft drinks.  It was all out fun day for the participants present especially the youth.