Report by: Stany G D’Souza                                                              Pictures: Royan Misquita

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Chicago, July 28: It was a bright sunny day with cool breeze flowing around the Katherine Peterson Park of Vernon Hills. It was a perfect weather for outdoor picnic. The Mangalorean Konkan Christians Association members and guests were all in high spirits to have memorable fun of this annual event.

The youth present enjoyed the Indian’s favorite sports of playing cricket at the lush green lawn of the park. Others took part in playing volleyball and throw-ball, which attracted mostly youth to the court. Young and old enjoyed to watch the acrobatic moves of the players in the court. Some of the participants raced against the wind in playing shuttle badminton.

There was plenty of food prepared by the members and guests. There were Indian dishes, sandwiches, pasta salad, Mexican style corn-on-cob and other items, which the participants enjoyed to rejuvenate their strengths to the forthcoming games and sports in the afternoon.  The typical Indian desserts like Sheera and Maani were enjoined by the crowd while relaxing and cracking jokes.

There were variety of sports and games organized by Dorothy Rego and Queenie Mendonca and winners are as follows:

Years 5 – 12:
Musical Chairs – Winner: Serah Mathias; Runner-up: Karen Rodrigues.
Lemon n Spoon Race – Winner: Samantha Concesso; Runner-up: Gisel D’Souza
Years 13 – 21:
Freeze Dance: Winner – Luella Mascarenhas.
Sack Race – Winner: Shawn D’Souza; Runner-up – Jason Mendonca.
Women – Sack Race – Winner: Vissia D’Souza; Runner-up: Atina D’Souza.
Men – Sack Race – Winner: Claret Carvalho; Runner-up: Savio Pais.

To compliment this, there were popular games like dog-n-bone, water balloon throw and tug-of-war. It was interesting to see women beating men hands down in tug-of-war showdown! Of course, organizers quickly realized that there were almost double the participants at the women’s side than on men; so they mixed matched them and it was all fun to see them fighting the rope to crack open!

The participants enjoyed the refreshing tea, watermelon and other soft drinks to cool-down their body drenched in sweat. Although it was all sunny, the participants enjoyed the activities arranged until the late afternoon hours! It was all out fun day for the participants present especially the youth. The Chairperson of this memorable event was the Past President of the Association, Stany D’Souza.

The winners of the games were informed that they will get their prizes during Monthi Fest celebrations on September 8, 2012, which will be held at Courtland Community Hall in Des Plaines, Illinois.