Celebration of Indian Independence day and annual Picnic

Report: Stany Gerald D’Souza
Photographs: Lawrence Mascarenhas and Vissia D’Souza

Chicago, August 15: The Mangalorean Konkan Christians Association (MKCA/USA) celebrated the 64th Indian Independence Day along with its Annual Picnic at the Vernon Hills Park District, Illinois. The down pour of rain with hail and high winds could not deter the participants who wanted to have a good time in observing the Independence Day celebration and fun filled annual picnic.

The President of MKCA, Queenie Mendonca hoisted the tricolor flag and all the members present sang the Indian national anthem “Jana Ghana Mana.” It was a proud feeling for all those members to honor the motherland, which has now attained socio-economic stability against all the odds of economic turmoil in Europe and US. Amidst the winds the flag was wavering in every direction upholding the spirit and strength of the Motherland.


Then it was a playing time. The members loved to play Volleyball, Throw ball, Shuttle badminton and the famous Indian past time game of Cricket.  In addition, there were games such as Musical Arms, Lemon-n-spoon race, Sack race, Tug-of-war, Water balloon throw and Dog-n-bone. 

Following were the winners of the activities arranged: Age 0-5 Musical arms – Winner – Rachel Joseph and Runner-up – Shawn Pais; age 6-12: Lemon-n-spoon race – Winner – Shawn D’Souza from Waukeesha, WI and Runner-up Adriana D’Souza; age 13-19 Sack Race: Winner – Shawn D’Souza from Libertyville and Runner-up Shannon D’Souza. Women: Sack race – Winner – Vissia D’Souza and Runner-up Vanessa D’Souza. Men: Sack race – Winner – Bryan D’Souza and Runner-up Jossie Mendonca.

To renew their strengths and spirits, there were variety of food and snacks arranged by the MKCA. In addition, the participants brought in variety of mouth watering dishes. “Even though America’s credit worthiness is down-graded by the S & P this year, the generoucity of the people isn’t” – commented a senior member of MKCA.

President Queenie Mendonca and Immediate Past president Lawrence Mascarenhas distributed prizes to the winners.  As a concluding remark, the chairperson of the event Stany D’Souza, thanked all the members for their participation in this memorable event. 

The Executive Committee invited the members to attend for their next program Monthi fest, which will be held on September 10, 2011 at Courtland Square Recreation Hall in Des Plaines.