Simon Misquita (62 years) husband of Juliana (Celine) and father of Royan (Roopa) and Rohini (Vinod Furtado), grand father of Ethan Misquita and Aden Furtado passed away at 4 PM on April 30th due to sudden illness.

Funeral will be held on Monday at 4 PM on Mumbai.

Contact# in Mumbai: 022-25176034 or by email:

Easter Vigil Celebration

MKCA Celebrates Easter – 2011

April 23, Chicago: The Mangaorean Konkan Christian Association (MKCA/Chicago) celebrated Easter with great pomp at Courtland Square Club House in Des Plaines, Illinois. It was a wonderful break for Chicagoans after weeks of rainy and wintry weather. The day was sunny all day and it was a welcome sign for Easter celebrations.

The celebration was initiated with holy Mass concelebrated by Rev. Fr. Richard Vaz, SVD and Fr. Henry Sequeira. The holy Mass was initiated with blessing of fire, incense, water and lighting of Easter Candle. Fr. Sequeira, in his powerful sermon, reminded the devotees present that Christ gave his life as a sign of His greatest love towards the humanity and we should share the same kind of love with others. He stated that Jesus Christ, the son of God, knew what sufferings he had to endure but in spite of it, he willingly took upon all the sufferings for the sake of humanity. So, we should take an example of this greatest sacrifice and do the best what we can do to uplift others from their sufferings and shortcomings. Christ’s resurrection is hope and joy and we will see that joy of resurrection by uplifting others from their sufferings. The mass was conducted with hymns in Konkani and English, headed by MKCA Choir group. All the attendees exchanged Easter greetings with each other with hugs, kisses and handshakes.

The MKCA President, Queenie Mendonca welcomed the guests and the members present. There was open bar (arranged by Jossie Mendonca) complimented with mouth watering appetizers. This was followed by games for children and teenagers. Ethan Carvalho was the winner in “Passing the Easter Egg” contest and Merwin D’Souza was the runner-up. In Teen “Passing the Easter Gift” contest Crystal Rodrigues was the winner and Shannon D’Souza was the runner-up. All the participants were excited to take part in these games. All the children enjoyed the Easter gifts presented by the president Queenie Mendonca.

Then it was a time for Dinner. The Founder President Austin D’Souza invited the guests for the dinner in a traditional style offering a small pot of water (Chembu) to the guests. (Since all the guests were using forks and knifes, hardly anyone used the water from the chembu). The dinner was catered by Ebony Indian Restaurant. In addition, there was a home-made traditional Pork dish (compliments from Jossie & Queenie Mendonca) which was relished and cherished by the guests. There was impromptu singing of Konkani, Hindi and English songs by Alphonse Mascarenhas, Crystal Rodrigues and Lig Martis during the dinner.

The emcee of the program Steven D’Souza entertained the crowd and made this program a successful one. For having this program a great success, the event Chairperson and Immediate Past President Lawrence Mascarenhas thanked the guests and members, for their enthusiastic participation and help in organizing the program. In keeping up with the tradition of Mangalorean Konkan Christians, all the participants present sang ‘Loudathe dominum’ as a mark of successful conclusion of a formal program. All the participants danced to the tunes of Konkan, Spanish, Hindi and English songs provided by D.J. Allen Martis and Joey Mendonca.