Monthi Fest 2010

MKCA, USA Celebrates Monthi Fest – 2010

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Report by: Stany G D’Souza

Chicago, Sept 11:  As the feast of Monthi Fest was celebrated by the Christians of the world around with devotion of pomp, the Mangalorean Konkan Christians Association celebrated it with its true spirit and in unison with current events worldwide.  This event signifies the pure and simple love and devotion of Mother Mary in accepting the heavenly call and sharing her life towards betterment of human race.  This event provides Christians worldwide to share and hold their unity and nurturance towards their close kith and kin.  The event signifies, offering of new crop to the Creator and rejoicing the harvest of new crops.  This event was well attended by Christians around Illinois and surrounding States and visitors from India.

The program began with a procession of celebrants, especially, children carrying flowers to express their love, respect and devotion to the birth of Mother Mary, and culminated in front of the Infant Mary’s statue.  With the singing of “Sokkad Sangatha Mellyam” and “Moriye Hogolsyam”, children were rejoicing with admiration, joy and respect to offer flowers to Infant Mary.

The Holy Eucharist was conducted by Rev. Fr. Henry Sequeira.  In his Homily he gave a simple and wonderful message, how we can all be simple and devote our lives in helping others, without an expectation for any returns.  He praised the untainted love and devotion that Mother Mary offered in raising Infant Jesus by leaving the glorious and royal family, which she belonged to.  He also gave affinity of this feast with other celebrations from various religions of the world.  The MKCA Choir members gave a special touch by singing Hymns exclusively in Konkani.

Fr. Henry, blessed the new crop (Novem), which was produced in India and brought especially for this program by  Norbert D’Souza (who was present at this program) and  all the audience savored the taste of “Novem in Roce”.

As a mark of respect to the tragic event of 9/11, World Trade Center tragedy, nine years ago this day, Compeer Dr. Austin D’Souza Prabhu, asked the audience to rise and have a “Pledge of Allegiance” and thereafter, all sang “God Bless America”.  The MKCA President, Queenie Mendonca welcomed the audience present and thanked them for their great support and fellowship.

It was an honor for MKCA to release the DVD, volume -1, of Fr. Nelson Prakash Dalmeida, titled “Jivo Undo”.  Past secretary of MKCA, Vissia D’Souza, introduced Fr. Nelson to the audience.  All the audience present heard the voice message of Fr. Nelson, who praised the contributions of MKCA and its current President Queenie Mendonca, who is also the Managing Editor of website, to Mangalorean community in USA and worldwide.  Fr. Nelson thanked his confidant and friend Rexon D’Souza, who lead the charge of DVD release.  Dr. Austin D’Souza cut the ribbon and released the DVD to the public.  Fr.   D’Souza, who was visiting US from India was present during this DVD release ceremony and wished Fr. Nelson and MKCA all the best in their future endeavors.

There was wonderful Bonanza of Vegetable Menu items along with “Sannam” (idli) and “Dalichem Vorn” for the dinner to relish on.  All this prepared by MKCA family members.  All the audience were happy and content to have these Mangalorean dishes.

As a mark of respect to the motherland India, all sang “Jana Ghana Mana”.  The cultural program culminated with the singing of “Loudathe Dominum”.

The D.J. Darrel Mascarenhas and others entertained the audience with their Baila and other live songs in Konkani, English, Hindi, Tulu and Spanish language.  This program was great success under able leadership of Godwin Rego.