MKCA Celebrates Independence Day

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Chicago, August 14:  As the clock passed 12 midnight and stepped into August 15th in India, the MKCA members, guests and their friends gathered together to celebrate 63rd India’s Independence Day at Vernon Hills Tennis Court Shelter.  Ms. Queenie Mendonca, president of MKCA, welcomed the chief guests of the program Mr. and Mrs. Pullapilly and all the guests, friends and members present for the India’s Independence Day celebration and the annual summer picnic.

The Chairperson of the program, Stany D’Souza introduced the Guests of Honor Mr. and Mrs. Pullapilly to all the members present.  The guest of honor, Dr. Cyriac Pullapilly, Professor Emeritus, University of Notre Dame hoisted the flag.  All the members present sang the India’s National Anthem, “Jana Ghana Mana”.   Prof. Pullapilly praised MKCA’s efforts in preserving and promoting the Indian cultural heritage and called upon all the members to recognize the unique traditions and customs of India, which are fabric of our life.  He stated that this will strengthen our families morally and spiritually.

All the members present savored a variety of dishes prepared by the members and guests.  There were variety of cold drinks and snacks.  It was a hot sunny day.  All the members engaged themselves  in famous Indian pastime; Cricket, Volleyball and Shuttle Badminton.  There were variety of games arranged by Dorothy Rego for all the children and adults present.  All the members enjoyed the activities presented and were drenched with sweat.   They enjoyed Rasna from India, lemonade, ice cream, other beverages and sweet watermelons to quench their thirst, to regain their spirits.   They all indulged on participating in these fun-filled activities over and over again.

Following members clinched the prizes in the games conducted:  Passing the Toy:  1st – Giselle D’Souza and 2nd – Evellyn D’Souza.  Musical Chair:  1st –  Geselle D’Souza and 2nd– Ian D’Souza.  One Minute Race:  1st – Shannon D’Souza and 2nd – Athena Saldanha.  Sack Race:  1st, Joey D’Souza and 2nd Shannon D’Souza.  Sack Race (Ladies):  1st – Vissia D’Souza and 2nd – Queenie Mendonca.  Sack Race (Men):  1st.  Steven D’Souza and 2nd – Royce D’Souza. Water Balloons:  1st –  Francis Mascarenhas and Celine D’Souza and 2nd – Santhosh Veigas and Arun Serrao.

MKCA President Queenie Mendonca distributed prizes to the winners.  Stany D’Souza thanked all the guests, friends and members present at this program for their gracious help and participation in making this day a memorable one.

The president also invited all the members present, their families and friends for the forthcoming Monthi fest celebration to be held on September 11, 2010 at 5:30 PM at the Courtland Square Club House, 8909 David Place, Des Plaines, IL 60016