Konkan Fest 2008!

Konkan Fest Flyer

The Mangalorean Konkan Christians Association is proud to announce Konkan Fest – 2008. This is an ambitious program, directed towards discovering hidden talents of our children of all age group and adults as well. The program consists of Singing, Fancy Dress and Food competition. In addition to the competitions, there will be impromptu singing, skits and jokes from MKCA members and all the participants present. All are invited to participate in various competitions and keep Mangalorean culture alive. The deadline for entries for these competitions is June 21, 2008, which is fast approaching.

This program is primarily directed towards preserving and protecting our values and culture, which is one of the objectives of our mission. Join us in invigorating our rich cultural heritage and support the cause of promoting it, through active participation of your children and yourself in this program. Remember, participation by itself is a stepping-stone for success. So, please make sure to send your entries for all the categories ASAP. We have enclosed hereby Pamphlet of the program and the entry form with rules.

We thank you in advance for your participation and wish all the best and good luck!


Stany Gerald D’Souza
MKCA, Konkan Fest – 2008.

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